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            Welcome to this website!

            About Us



            Jiangxi Qian Bao Medical Technology Co., Ltd
            Phone: 0791-88260887
            Fax: 0791-88260887

            About Us

            Current Location:Home-About Us
            Jiangxi Qian Bao Medical Technology Co.,Ltd; is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales as one of the medical and health materials, maternal and child supplies of medical equipment enterprises. The enterprise has advanced production equipment and inspection equipment. The company has established a perfect organizational structure. Develop unity and cooperation, excellent professional and technical personnel and sales team.
            Qian Bao, companies adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, efficient, unity and development of the enterprise purpose; to create a medical supplies and maternal care products of quality of life, health guard. The company's existing "Qian Bao" brand series of health products and infant care products.
            The company is based on the business philosophy of honesty, customer first, service leading, value creation for customers, and common growth with customers. The goal is "quality for survival, innovation and development". Welcome customers to negotiate business consulting!


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